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Прийнятий CENELEC гармонізований документ

HD 604 Sl:1994

єн: 0,6/1 kV and 1,9/3,3 kV power cables with special fire performance
for use in power stations

прийнято як національний стандарт методом «підтвердження» мовою
оригіналу за національним позначенням

ДСТУ HD 604 81:2012

uk: Кабелі електроживлення на напругу 0,6/1 кВ і 1,9/3,3 кВ зі спеціальними
протипожежними характеристиками для застосування на електростанціях

(HD 604 Sl:1994, IDT)

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HD 664 $1

Auguit 1914

Cables d'enorgie 0,6/1 kV ayant un староїtOMnt au feu particuliar ot destine* sum centrales klectriques

Starkstromkabel nit bssonderen Eigenschsften in Falla tines Orinda* fur Kraftwerk* иnd einar Nennspennung von 6,6/1 kV




UDC 6n .319.2:921.039.53

Descriptors; Electric cable. electric power station, fire behaviour, specification, chsracteristics. dimension. test, narking


0.6/1 kV power cable* with special fire perfоroanca for use in power stations

Thia Harmonization Document was approved by CENELEC on 1993-12-00.

CENELEC members are bound to comply with the CEN/CENELEC Internal Regulations which stipulate the condition* for implementation of this Harmonization Document on a national Level.

Up-to-date lists and bibliographical references concerning national implementation may be obtained on application to the Central Secretariat or to any CENELEC member.

This Harmonization Document exist* in three official version* (English, French. German 1,

CENElEC members are the national electrotechnical committees of Austria* Belgium, Denmark, Finland. France, Germany. Greece. Iceland. Ireland, Italy. Luxembourg.

Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain. Sweden. Switzerland and United kingdom.


European Committea for Electrotechnical Standardization Сотіtк European de Normalisation Electrotechnique

Europaisches Komi too fur Elektrotuchniscbe Ногтиng

Central Secretariat; rue de Stassart 35, 8-1050 Brussels

1994 Copyright reserved to CENELEC members


Thia Harmonisation Document was prepared by WG10 of CENELEC Technical Committee TC20, Electric Cables»

The document contains the folowing Parts, arranged accordng to the main constructional features of the cables covered:

Рал 1 • General requirements

Pan 3 - Single core and multi core PVC insulated and sheathed cables

Pan 4 - Single core and mufticore XLPE and EPR insulated, PVC or chkxkiated elastomer sheathed


Part 5 ► Single core and mu It core halogen-free cables

There is no Part 2, which was to have covered Additional Test Methods. These have been combined with the corresponding Part from HD 603 {Distribution cablet of rated voltages O.Q/lkV) to form a separate document, HD 605.

Each of Parts 3*5 inclusive are further divided into particular sections and, by decision of the Technical Snwd (D68fO47) National Committees need at present onty implement m their national language those sections having national applicability- The obligation remans however to announce the ful HD in public by titles and numbers, and alao to withdraw any conflicting national standards.

Page numbering reflects the arrangement into Parts and particular sections, e>g< Page 4-C-3 is pegs 3 of particular section C of Pan 4.

A proposed Part 6, relating to cables for specific use within the containment area of Nuclear Power Stations has not been progressed.

References to other HDs, ENs and international standards are given in the particular parts or sections.

The draft was submitted to the CEN ELEC members tor formal vote in March 1993 and was approved by CENELEC as HD 604 Si on 6th December 1993.

The following dates wore fixed:


Idea) 199406-01

Idop) 1994 12-01

Idowf 1994-12-01

atest date of announcement of the HD at national level

latest date of publication of a harmonised national standard

latest date of withdrawal of conflicting national standardsCONTENTS

PART 1 General requirements

PART 3 Sinaia core and multfcore PVC insulated and sheathed cabtas

3-A 3-8

Cables with copper and aluminium concentric conductors

Cables with copper or aluminium conductors, with or without metallic armour or screen



Cables with circular copper conductors, with or without metallic covering Cables with copper or aluminium round or sector shaped conductors and a concentric conductor



Cables with copper or aluminium conductors and wire or strip armour

Cables with additional or amended requirements for oxygen odex testing of materials

PART 4 Single core and mu Юс ore XLPE oi EPR insulated. PVC or chlorinated elastomer sheathed саЬйя

4-А 4-B 4-C 4-0

Cables with copper and aluminium solid or stranded conductors

Cables with copper or aluminium conductors and tape armour

Cables without metallic covering, having circular copper conductors

Cables with copper and aluminium conductors; unarmoured, armoured or double­screened

4 E 4-F

Cables with copper and aluminium conductors, and wire or strip armour

Cables with additional or amended requirements for oxygen index testing of materials

PART 6 Simla core and multicore haiooen free cables


Cables with copper or alummxjm conductors with or without metallic covering or screen



Unarmoured cables with copper conductors

Cables with copper or aluminium conductors: unarmoured, armoured or double screened

5-D 6-Е 5-F 5-G 5H

Cables with copper and aluminium conductors and a metallic covering

Cables with copper or aluminium conductors and wire armour

Cables with copper or aluminium conductors either solid or stranded

Cables with copper conductors and optional copper concentric conductor

Cables with copper conductors, with and without concentric copper conductors, and with optional armouring

54 5-J

One to four core cables having aluminium or copper conductors

Cables with additional or amended requirements for oxygen index testing of materials


Pap Ы

HD 604 51:1994

Рал 1

HD 604 $1:1994


References. era made in this Рал 1 to other Pans of HD 604, and to other Ha/monisatkjn Documents end International Standards as foHowa;

HD 21 PVC insulated cables of rated voltages up to and Including 45Q/760V

HD 22 Rubber insulated cables of rated voltages up to and including 4SC/750V

HD 186 Marking by inscription for the identification of cores of electric cables having more than

five cores

HD 383 Conductors of insulated cables

HD 406 Tests on electric cables under fire conditions

HD 505 Common test methods for insulating and sheathing materials of electric cables

HD 602 Tost on gases evolved during the combustion of materials from cables: Determination

of degree of ackfltv Icorrosivrtyl of gases by measuring pH and conductivity

HD 605 : Electric cables: Additional test methods


HD 606

IEC 96'1

easurement of smoke density of electric cables burning under defined conditions Radio frequency cables Part 1: General requirements and measuring methodsCONTENTS Paos

V General

  1. Scope 1-4

  2. Object 14

  1. Definitions

    1. Definitions relating to insulating and sheathing comfxxxids 1-4

    2. Definitions relaung to the tests 1-5

    3. Rated voltage 1-6

  2. Marking

    1. I ndication or origin 1 6

    2. Additional marking V7

    3. Durability Ь7

    4. Legibility 1-7

    5. Common marking 1-7

ЗЛ Use of the name Ct N ELEC 1 7

  1. Core identification 1 *7

  2. General requirements for the construction of cables

    1. Conductors 1-8

6-2 Insulation V8

5-3 Filers and tapes 1*8

5Л Inner covering (beddingI 1*9

  1. Inner sheaih 1-Ю

  2. Metallic coverings 1-10

  3. О ver sheath 1-10

  4. Non-metallic components of halogen-free cables 1-11

в. Tests on complete cables 1-11

7* (spare) 1-11

& (spare) Ml

9. Guide to use and selection of cables 1*11


Part 1 - Requirements

  1. Gsosoi

  1. .1 Scooe

HD 604 applies to rigid and flexible conductor cables for fixed installations having > reted voltage UoAJ of 0,6/1 kV, The insulation and sheaths may be either thermoplastic of thermosetting, halogenated or halogen free. The cables are mainly intended for use in power generating plants and sub-stabons. All cables have special fire requirements or special requirements for nuclear power stations, excluding cables used In and around the containment area.

Control cables having a minimum conductor size of 1mm* up to 61 cores are included In addition to the range of power supply cables.

This Part 1 specifies the General Requirements applicable to these cables; additional or deviating requirements are given in the particular sections of this HD.

Test Methods are Specified in HD 21. HD 22, HD 383, HD 405, HD 505, HD 602, HD 505, HD 606 and IEC 96*1

The particular types of cables are specified in Parts 3. 4 and 5,

  1. ObfeCI

The objects of this Harmonisation Document are:

- to standardse cables that are safe and reliable when properly used, in relation to the technical requirements of the system of which they form a part

to state the characteristics and manufacturing requirements directly or indirectly bearing on safety, and to specify methods for checking conformity with those requirements.

  1. . Definitions

    1. Definitions relating IQ Iraulatinfl and sheathing compounds

      1. insulating and sheatfiino compounds

The types of insulating and sheathing compounds covered in this HD are listed below, together with their abbreviated designations.


Thermoplastic Poly vinyl Ch tori da c

jnd <PVC)

Combinations pf materials suitable selected, proportioned and treated, of which the characteristic constituent is polyvinyl chloride or one of rts copolymers. The same term also designates compounds containing both polyvinyl chloride and certain of rts copolymers.

21.1.2 Crwlinkfrd LthyHne Proovltn» Rubber iEPR)

A compound based on ethylene propylene rubber or similar (EPM or EPDMI which when cross* linked complies with the requirements given in the particular sections-2 1ЛЗ Crosslinked Polyethylene (XLPEI

A thermosetting material formed by the cross-linking of thermoplastic polyethylene compound either by chemical or irradiation methods so as to comply with the requirement* given in the particular sections.

2 J J .4 Eihvlane copolvmara

Thermoplastic or cross-linked materials in which the characteristic constituent is a copolymer of ethylene such as EVA, EEA^ EMA, compounded so a* to comply with the requirements given in the particular sections, Chlorinated Synthetic Elastomeric compound

A vulcanised compound m which the characteristic constituent is poly chloroprene rubber (PCP) or other chlorinated synthetic elastomer, such a* CSP, CPE or NSR/PVC compounded so as to comply with the requirements given in the particular sections.

Note: The abbreviations PCP, CSP and CPE are those in common use. Equivalent codings according to A STM are CR, CSM and CM.

2.1.2 Type of compound

The category in which a compound is placed according to its properties, is determined by specific tests. The type designation is not directly related io the composition of the compound.

  1. Definitions relating to the

Note: Tests dassjfied аз Sample (S)r Routine IR) or Special Sample (S3) may be required as part of any Type Approval Schemas.

  1. Ту os tests (Symbol T)

Tests required to be made before supplying a type of cable covered by this HD on a general commercial basis in order to demonstrate satisfactory performance characteristics to meet the intended application. These tests are of such a nature that, after they have been made, they need not be repeated unless changes are made in the cable material, design or type of manufacturing process which might change die performance characteristics.

  1. Sample tssts (Symbol S)

Testa made on samples of completed cable, or components taken from a correlated cable adequate to verify that the finished product meets the design specifications.

  1. Routine test (Symbol R)

Tests made on all production cable lengths to demonstrate compliance with requtrements.

  1. Special sample tests (Symbol SSI

Tests made on samples if specified by the purchaser at the time of ordering at a frequency agreed between the purchaser and the manufacturer unless otherwise specified

    1. Tests after jnstalation

  1. Tests intended to demonstrate the mtegrity of the cable and its accessories as installed.Rated voltage

The rated voltage of a cable is the reference vohage for which th* cable k* designed, and wtwch serves to define the electrical tests.

The rated voftags is expressed by the combination of the following values Uo/U (Um) expressed in kV;

Uo is the r.rn s value between any insulated conductor and earth (metallic covering of the cable or the surrounding medium I; Uo - 0.6kV

U is the r.m.a. value between any two phase-conductors of a muhicore cable or of a system of single- core cables: U - 1 -OkV

Um is the maximum rm.a, value of the highest system voltage for which the equipment may b* used; Um ~ 1,2kV

In an alternating current system, the rated voltage of a cable shall be at least equal to the nominal voltage of rhe system for which it kt kitended.

If used in de systems, the cables of this HD sh*l have a maximum voltage against earth not exceeding 1.8kV.

3, Moduofl

3/1 Indication of oro«n

Cables shall be provided with an Identification of origin consisting of:

  1. Either the manufacturer's identification thread,

  2. or the continuous marking of the manufacturer's name or trademark, or (rf legally protected) identification number by one of the three following alternative methods:

al primed tape within the cable;

bj printing in a contrasting colour on the insulation of at least one core;

c) priming, indenting or embossing on the outer surface of the cable.

3.1.1 Continuity of marks

Unless otherwise specified in the particular section, each specified mark shall be regarded as continuous if the distance between the end of the mark and the beginning of the next identical mark does not exceed:

ББОтт if the marking is on the outer surface of the cable, 275mm if the marking is

І) on th* insulation of a sheathed cable b) on a tape within a sheathed cable

A “Specified Mark- is any mandatory mark covered by this Part of the HD or by the particular requirements of Part 3 onwards of this HD.The diagram below shows an example of the marking at used on the outer surface of the cable, where the word "ORIGIN" із for the mandatory information required for sub-clause 3,1. and "XYZ* is one of any other mandatory marks.

  1. Addi,tfaflal.jraackkw

Additional marking requirements may be specified in the particular sections.

  1. Durability

Printed markings shall be durable. Compliance with this requirement shall be checked by the test given in sub-clause 2.5.4 of HD 605.

The printed legend shall be legible alter carrying out the test.

  1. legibility

All markings shall be legible. Printed markings shall be in contrasting colours.

All colours of the identification thread shall be easy to recognise or easily be made recognisable, if necessary, by cleaning with a suitable solvent.

  1. Common marking

Under consideration.

  1. Use of the name CENELEC

The name CENELEC, in fun or abbreviated, shall not be di reedy marked on, or in, the cables.


The cores shall be identified by colours or numbers when specified in the particular sections. Colouring shall be achieved by the use of coloured insulation or by a coloured surface.

When idantrftcation is by numbers, they shall bo printed in a colour which contrasts with the core colours. Marking shall comply with HD 186 unless otherwise specified.

The colours shal be clearly identifiable and durable. Durability shall be checked by the test given in sub- clause 2.5.4 of HD 605.

Compliance with these requirements shall be verified by visual examination.

5. Gentrti reouirements for tht construction of cables

  1. Conductors

    1. Material

Conductors shaN be efther plain or metabcoated annealed copper or plain aluminium in accordance with HD 383, and with particular requirements in particular sections.

6 1« 2 Construction

The maximum diameters of the wires of flexible conductors, and the minimum number of the wires of rigid conductors, shall be in accordance with HO 363, unless otherwise specified bn the particular sections.

The classes of the conductors relevant to the various types of cables are given in the particular sections.

Conductors shall be either circular or sector in shape, and of solid metal or stranded.

  1. Chart at construction

Compliance with the requirements of Sub-clauses 5.1 J and 5.1.2 including the requirements of HD 383 shall be checked by inspection and by measurement

514 Electrical resistance